Herman Cain Ad Features Man Smoking? HOW DARE HE!

-By Warner Todd Huston

Mark Block is Herman Cain’s chief of staff for the insurgent campaign for president that has surprised everyone with its success. Block is featured in a new Cain campaign ad at the tail end of which he is seen cooly taking a drag off his cigarette. This has caused campaign watchers to go ape.

First, take a look at the ad:

Many people on Twitter and the blogs are losing their minds that Cain features a guy smoking in his campaign ad. Why, Cain had cancer, they tsk. He should be ashamed of himself for having a guy smoking in his ad.

But I say, GET OVER IT. People smoke. It’s a common fact of life.

Once again, Herman Cain appears to be the only normal guy in this race, the only one unconcerned over focus group tittering.


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  • The ad is absurdly bad.

    It seems to me that campaigns have become a test of management skills for candidates, and boy are Bachmann and Cain showing their stripes.

    It's flip-flop Mitt for the GOP, start getting used to it.

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