Government Steals a Child

-By Warner Todd Huston

Departments of children and family service (DCFS) agencies across the country are failing, today. Sadly they often ill serve the children they are supposed to be helping and often they step on the rights of parents without bothering to give a good reading of the situation before taking action. The shocking experiences of 13-year-old Chloe Faulkner is such a story. Taken from her parents, isolated in a world of faceless bureaucrats, used as a cash cow for state aide, abused, repeatedly raped, and eventually impregnated without her loving parents being allowed any influence in her life, this tale is another DCFS/State intervention horror story.

In 2009 Chloe was a 13-year-old, home schooled, bright-eyed girl who had been diagnosed with the serious medical condition of Type 1 diabetes. Like many 13-year-olds she was in a rebellious stage, pushing back at a world of parental rules and the constrictions that her medical condition unfairly imposed upon her. And, like many rebelling teens, Chloe ran away one day, refusing to return homeā€¦

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