Former Soviet Citizen Schools Idiots at Occupy Wall Street

-By Warner Todd Huston

Morons at Occupy Wall Street have no clue what socialism is. But they advocate it.

Here we have a video of a man that was actually born in the USSR and suffered under that oppressive, socialist system confronting the clueless idiots of Occupy-Whatever.

This is the fantasy land that these Occupy idiots live in. It’s a land where even when confronted with someone that actually lived under the system these Occupy fools want to implement, when confronted with a guy that suffered the violence, and oppression that is socialism, well, they can only resort to name calling and unsubstantiated, illogical claims.



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  • Let me see. You refer to the Occupy crowd as idiots and morons and then criticize them for name calling. Then you claim socialism is a system based upon violence and oppression. Obviously your right wing history hasn't taught you the vast difference between socialism and communism.

    I might suggest you tone down your rhetoric next time you oppose a movement you find distasteful.

  • In reply to tharr:

    Ah, did I hurt your widdle feelings?

  • In reply to tharr:

    the real differences between socialism and communism are more accurately described as half-vast.

  • In reply to ejhickey:

    Yeah, there really isn't any difference between communism and socialism.Communism must always end in genocide and socialism wants to.

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    In reply to publiusforum:

    Does Capitalism always lead to eugenocide then, the way it did in America for more than half of the last century?

  • In reply to Matt McCrary:

    There's been no "eugenocide" in the USA.

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    You should be careful not to demonize the Occupy movement. It might have been funded in part by mega-banks, it may have large anti-capitalist fundamentalists, and clueless individuals altogether but so do the Republican and Democratic parties. The US does not operate according to ethical capitalism and the USSR did not operate with benevolent socialist ideals. We are both oppressed. They changed, went from bad to worse and if we stay in our right/left paradigms we will be marched down an even worse path.

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