Former SEIU Boss Andy Stern Becomes Albatross

-By Warner Todd Huston

The board of directors at the bio-warfare company SIGA likely thought they had made the hire of the century last year when they took on former Service Employees International Union President Andy Stern. In fact, for a while, Stern, one of Obama’s most frequent White House visitors and close confidantes, seemed to bring the company good fortune.

In Stern’s first six months the company’s shares doubled in worth especially after it was awarded a humungous government contract worth up to $2.8 billion of our tax dollars.

But then came the collapse. And maybe all the lawsuits and government investigations had something to do with that?

SIGA’s stock has taken a tumble since the investigations into why the politically connected firm was able to get government rules rewritten just for them.

So, maybe this is another crony capitalism loser, eh?


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