Chris Nybo Running for Ill. State Senate, 24th District

-By Warner Todd Huston

At the recent TeaCon 2011 event, I had a chance to speak to Chris Nybo, currently a state representative for the 41st district. Nybo is running against State Senator Kirk Dillard of the 24th District in the upcoming GOP primary.

As he is already a State Rep., the big question is why the run to upset Dillard? According to Nybo, he didn’t want to run against his colleagues Patti Bellock or Sandy Pihos, both of whom are state reps that are now in Nybo’s district due to redistricting.

Let’s allow Mr. Nybo take it from here…

So where do we stand with Mr. Chris Nybo?

When Nybo ran for the State House in 2010, one of the knocks against him was his youthful exuberance for then state senator Barack Obama. When asked then why he walked the district for Obama in 2000, Nybo replied, “I had Barack Obama as an instructor in law school. It was 10 years ago. I was 22 or 21 then. Why are we quibbling about what some law student did 10 years ago while he was going to school in Hyde Park.”

I have to say, absent any current solid connection between Nybo and Democrats, I see no reason to hold exuberance for a favorite teacher against him.

So, what can we say about Nybo since he’s been in Springfield?

According to his Springfield voting record he hasn’t been too friendly toward many Democrat initiatives. So he has that going for him, anyway. On the other hand, on some key philosophical votes he voted “present” and did not take a stand. For instance, Nybo was a non vote and on both gambling and the DREAM fund commission. I won’t speculate as to why he has a non vote on those, just that it would have been an ideal time to burnish conservative bonafides to vote against these two bills.

Still, his voting record does not have too much to complain about. In fact, Mr. Dillard might have more to wonder about than Nybo.

Anyway, I look forward to Nybo and Senator Dillard making their distinctions one from another.

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