Ancient Green History: Chevy Volt No Better Than 115-Year-Old Care

-By Warner Todd Huston

It almost seems like a cosmic joke against these greenwits, but a new report seems to show that the Chevy Volt doesn’t get any better mileage than an electric car that was invented in 1896!

The Roberts electric car, circa 1896, got a “solid 40 miles to the charge” when it debuted years before the Wrights Brothers even took their first flight. Amusingly, its the exact same number of miles that the Chevy Volt gets today‚Ķ

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  • The components are better now, though, as the article points out. Also, it didn't say if the Roberts switched over to a gasoline engine if the batteries ran low, or if it has regenerative braking, let alone brakes, or what the top end miles per hour were.

    However, a recent Car & Driver said that the Volt didn't get any better mileage than the Cruze Eco, and hence the Eco was the better buy.

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