Albracht for Senate Fundraising Success

From the Albracht for Senate campaign…

Raises $33,048.05 in 3rd Quarter Campaign nearly triples 2nd quarter fundraising totals

MOLINE, IL–The Albracht for Senate campaign bolstered their momentum with an impressive third quarter fundraising haul.

After kicking off the campaign with an $11,043.01 fundraising total in the second quarter, the Albracht for Senate campaign nearly tripled that in the third quarter, raising $33.048.05.

Bill Albracht, Republican candidate for Illinois Senate in the 36th District, said he remains focused on winning next November.

“Once again, our campaign has shown impressive fundraising numbers,” Albracht said. “We will continue to work hard to raise money, but frankly, I’m prouder of the outreach we’ve done this quarter. We’ve met hundreds of people across the district, and they are begging for new representation in Springfield. They’re tired of high taxes, high unemployment, and fiscal irresponsibility. When I’m elected to the Illinois Senate next November, I will bring common sense leadership to Springfield so we can finally tackle these issues and save our state.”

Jon Schweppe, campaign manager for Albracht for Senate, said Albracht connects with voters on many different levels.

“I never cease to be amazed by how well Bill connects with the folks,” Schweppe said. “His message of job creation and fiscal responsibility speaks to both Republicans and Democrats alike, and his record of courage, leadership, and integrity is very impressive. I’m confident that if our campaign continues to put in the hard work of raising money and meeting the people of this district several times over, we will win this race next November.”

Schweppe also pointed out that Albracht has incredible grassroots support.

“The support for this campaign is very organic and real,” Schweppe said. “The vast majority of our donations come from individuals, while Senator Jacobs received nearly all of his money this quarter from special interest groups. It’s clear that while Springfield lobbyists may be fighting for Senator Jacobs, the people of the 36th District are behind Bill Albracht.”

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