A Chance to Turn the Tide

From the Illinois House Republicans…

Since the Democrats approved their historic 67% income tax increase in January, Illinois has lost over 92,000 jobs. The staggering tax increase has produced record job loss in our state—far outpacing job loss in any other Midwestern state.

Now there is a chance in Springfield to turn the tide on job loss. House Republicans have unveiled a detailed job creation plan that outside experts believe could create upwards of 60,000 jobs while reducing taxes on job creators by over $490 million.

Click here to view our our plan.

The net result of the House Republican plan? 60,000 new jobs. $600 million in new revenue for the state. $492 million in reduced taxes for Illinois employers.

It’s time to turn the tide in Springfield and start reducing taxes and creating jobs.

Sign our petition in support of the House Republican Jobs Plan.

Send a $60 donation in support of the 60,000 new jobs it would create.

Let’s get Illinois moving in the right direction.



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  • I looked at the linked portion,and don't see how this [except the R&D credit] generates any jobs. Is someone not going to hire just because the LLC fee is $750? Does a family farm being sold for estate taxes prevent that land from being farmed? (By definition, it has to be sold, not lie fallow.)

    I thought that the state Senate Republicans defined the problem as raising income tax rates and then giving in to corporate extortion by the big corporations (as discussed a couple of days ago). I don't see how this proposal does anything to address that.

    Similar to Cross taking credit for the state enacting the Republican 2011-2012 budget, which spent the entire tax hike without addressing the backlog it appears that his caucus doesn't get it, either.

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