Video: Obama Calls Lincoln 'Founder of Republican Party'?

-By Warner Todd Huston

During his faux “jobs” speech on Sept 8, President Obama went off script for a brief sojourn into history to reveal to one and all that he hasn’t a clue about the subject.

I say off script because these words are not in the prepared text…

Sorry, big guy, but Abe Lincoln was not the “founder of the Republican Party.” In fact, Lincoln wasn’t even a member of the GOP when it was founded. Lincoln stayed in the Whig Party for a while after the GOP was founded in 1854. Lincoln did not start coming the GOP’s way until 1856.

During those two years Lincoln adamantly denied any interest in the GOP but three years after he finally joined the party — mostly because his own Whig Party simply withered away — he became the GOP’s first successful presidential nominee.

Now, the question is this: will the Old Media lambast The One for his complete lack of knowledge about the history of the United States (yes all 57 states). After all, the Old Media has attacked Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann for what they felt were mistaken claims about U.S. History.

But I will say this for The One. At least he finally corrected his most common history gaffe during his faux “jobs” speech.

For the last four years Obama has repeatedly called the transcontinental railroad the “intercontinental railroad.”

But during the Sept. 8 speech he finally, finally got it correct.

… and the media still ignored his lack of knowledge.

(And here is an interesting note about timing. I wrote this yesterday morning but never posted it. I figured I’d just wait until Saturday to post it. But I woke up Sat. morning and found EVERYONE had posted it. I should have posted this stupid thing right after I wrote it!)


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  • Oh come on, you are truly pathetic. The GOP is often called "The Party of Lincoln", as Honest Abe was its first successful presidential candidate and became the symbol of the party for many years. It may be a technical error to call him the founder, but it doesn't reflect any fundamental misunderstanding. Compare that with Gov. Perry analogizing his refusal to believe in climate science with the Catholic persecution of Galileo. That's misunderstanding for you.

  • In reply to WestLooper:

    You really did allow the point to go flying right over your head, didn't you? It isn't that he made the mistake (and your "the GOP is often called" line is meaningless babble that does nothing to ease that mistake), it's that you and your left-wing pals and your Old Media handmaidens to the left have been merciless when Bachmann and Palin made what you've perceived as mistakes yet your Obammessiah gets no attention at all for the EXACT same sort of thing.

    It's called hypocrisy.

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