Union Thugs Hurl Racial Taunts in North Dakota

-By Warner Todd Huston

Union-lovers and Democrats point to Tea Party enthusiasts routinely calling them “racists” and “violent.” Yet, since the Tea Party movement began, no racial epithets nor violence has been reported or proven. On the other hand, month in and month out we have seen one example of union members engaging in both racism and violence. This week in North Dakota we have yet one more example of unions acting like racists.

Police say union supporters have directed racial slurs and racist symbols at replacement workers and security personnel outside an American Crystal Sugar plant in North Dakota.

Last week we saw union members engaging in terrorist behavior when members of the Longshoremen’s union attacked the public docks in Longview, Washington. There union members destroyed property and took hostages in a dispute with management.

Unions are antithetical to rule of law. We’ve seen it over and over for decades.

Finally, as always, remember this: These are the people that Obama supports and that support Obama.


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  • Warner, thoughts on Turner's win in NY-9?

  • In reply to gwill:

    Well, Turner will probably only be there a little while. His district was one of the ones that is targeted for elimination in redistricting (NY loses 3 seats, I think it is). But it IS a rebuke of Obama's foreign policy (re Israel) and his thus far disastrous economic policies as things stand right now.

    Since the 2012 elections are so far away, I would not say this is necessarily a bellweather election, though. Too much time will pass before the 2012s come up and things could change a lot by then. But it does mark as a bellweather for how people feel about Obama right this minute.

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