Perry Slams Romney Flip Flops in New Video Ad


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  • After his debater performances, Perry is in deep trouble. Amazing that in this cycle it looks like the candidate farthest to the left (Romney) will take the nomination. The Tea Party must be tearing its collective hair out. After all that work, they get a Harvard law grad who is socially liberal at heart, designed the state model for national healthcare reform, and is a product of the financial services sector.

  • You have forgotten Herman Cain, already? Still, I have predicted Romney's win for months... not that I am for it. I can't stand Romney. He is a man with few fast principles. If I wanted a man without principles, I'd be a Democrat.

    But, I should warn. Even tho I still feel Romney will win the nomination, it is most assuredly far enough out that anything could happen.

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