Obama: No Debate or Compromise on My Non-Jobs Bill

-By Warner Todd Huston

If any of you bothered to watch Obama’s campaign speech… er I mean Jobs speech last week you’ll remember that the constant refrain Obama used over and over about his bill was “pass it now.” Never mind that at the time he had no bill to pass. But also remember the past refrain he’s been employing for at least 2 years, “we need to compromise.” Well, apparently there is no compromise with this jobs bill as far as Obama is concerned.

On Tuesday, Obama’s top political adviser told ABC’s Good Morning America that they weren’t going to acept any discussion, debate or compromise on Obama’s tax-hiking “jobs” bill. Axelrod said,

We’re not in a negotiation to break up the package. It’s not an à la carte menu. It’s a strategy to get this country moving.

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