Is Society Breaking Down? Or Are Kids Just Being Kids?

-By Warner Todd Huston

Society is breaking down all across the western world. Unfortunately, it is bands of youths doing the breaking, literally. So, what should be done? How do we regain a level of respect for others, a respect of the rule of law and private property in our increasingly out of control youth? And what and or who is at fault?

A recent attack of a store clerk in Dallas, Texas reveals a disrespect for the law, an immediate resort to violence, and a hatred of simple civility that too many young Americans are mired in these days. Similarly, in Europe we’ve seen for several years, now, a series of riots by young people (or Yobs, as the Brits call them) variously over Muslim issues, implementation of austerity measures, and simple thuggery. All of these “reasons” utterly illegitimate…

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