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Many of you are familiar with FOIA requests: they allow engaged citizens to request public documents. State requirements ensure governments provide these documents in a timely manner.

But on Friday, Gov. Quinn signed a bill that weakened these rules. Now, governments will be allowed to characterize citizens as “recurrent requesters.” If a citizen requests more than 15 documents in a month or 50 in a year, government entities no longer need to respond promptly.

This law punishes citizens who pay close attention. Instead of creating new obstacles for the very people who are most engaged in holding our government accountable, we should be celebrating their efforts.

In my role as the Institute’s Government Reform Policy Analyst, I am more than happy to speak with any interested citizens to discuss these changes and their impact on the fight for greater accountability in Illinois. You can contact me by phone at 217.528.8800 or by email at

Thank you,

Mark Cavers
Government Reform Policy Analyst

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