Ill. Policy Institute: IL has the most people in poverty since 1992‏

From the Illinois Policy Institute…

Poverty is on the rise in Illinois. In 2010, almost 2 million Illinoisans lived in poverty – the highest number since 1992. What have politicians proposed to reduce poverty and put Illinois back to work? Unfortunately, only increased spending and higher taxes.

You and your family are affected everyday by failed,
government-centric policies handed down by Washington to Springfield.

But after the pain of the recession and the absence of a real recovery, we all know there’s no way more government spending will turn the economy around. In fact, higher taxes are only going to hurt struggling families.

If you’re tired of footing the bill for politicians’ reckless ways, check out my latest blog about Obama’s most recent effort to employ the same tax, spend and borrow policies that have sunk the state’s economy for years.


Emily Dietrich
Entrepreneurship and Commerce Policy Analyst
Illinois Policy Institute

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