Eric Holder: Fast & Furious? What is that, a Movie?

-By Warner Todd Huston

Remember that old 60s TV show Hogan’s Heroes? If so you’ll remember Sgt. Schultz’ catch phrase, “I know nothiiiing!” Well U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder isn’t quite as fat as good ol’ Sgt. Schultz, but he sure has the catch phrase down pat because Holder now says he knows nothiiiing about Obama’s arming of Mexican narco-terrorists with the policy called Operation Fast and Furious. Or did he?

I’ve always wondered how Hogan’s Heroes was ever greenlighted for a TV series. I mean, can you imagine the pitch meeting? “So, it’s a half hour comedy about hilarious Nazis. Get it? Funny Nazis!” How the heck did that get sold only twenty years after WWII ended? But, imagine the same scenario for Operation Fast and Furious. “See, we’ll give murderers and narco-terrorists a bunch of guns and hand grenades. It’ll really work to help us stop them from getting guns and hand grenades. No I really mean it!”

But Sgt. Eric Schultz knows “nothiiiing”! Yeah, right…

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