Uncouth and Unpatriotic: Obama/Biden Attacking America While Abroad

-By Warner Todd Huston

There used to be a saying that “politics ends at the water’s edge.” This meant that carping about the opposing party or engaging in political mud slinging ended when a politician entered in a foreign land. This policy was recommended because presenting a united front abroad was thought a good idea. Unfortunately, the uncouth Obama administration is more interested in low-born attacks than in national unity as is evidenced by both the president and the vice-president’s actions abroad.

They saying was made famous during the Cold War by Senator Arthur Vandenberg (R, Mich). Vandenberg had an epiphany in 1945 that carried him from the isolationist wing of the Republican Party to the internationalism of FDR and by 1947 Vandenberg had created the saying because he became a chief ally in the Senate of the Truman administration even though he was in the opposing party. He felt, and many came to agree with him, that members of an administration, the Senate or the House should leave their criticism and political maneuvering home when they visit other countries. To attack political opponents while abroad undermined our country in the face of foreigners.

It was good advice that most have followed since 1947. Until the brat in the White House and his grinning jackal of a VP got to Washington, that is.…

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