Reps. Kinzinger & Rush on WTTW's Chicago Tonight‏

From the office of Rep. Adam Kinzinger (ILL, 11th)…

On Wednesday night, Congressman Adam Kinzinger joined Carol Marin and Congressman Bobby Rush on WTTW’s Chicago Tonight to discuss current unemployment rates, the debt ceiling vote and the Super Committee.


Congressman Kinzinger: You said where are the jobs going to come from? Two years ago, we tried spent a trillion dollars on jobs and it didn’t work. It failed.

Carol Marin: The argument is that it wasn’t enough. It needed to be more.

Congressman Kinzinger: Well then let’s just make it $10 trillion?

What I think we need to do– I’d love to see the President stand up and say ‘we have to reform the tax code.’ We want to get rid of all the corporate tax loopholes; let’s do it. But let’s make our corporate tax rate competitive with the rest of the world so we can enhance our exports.

We want small business to get back to work; let’s eliminate the uncertainty. I think if he had that speech, followed by a real commitment to do that, you would see small businesses and medium businesses hire people. That’s how we get jobs. It’s not the government.

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