Pro-Lifers Get a Win in Illinois

-By Warner Todd Huston

Illinois pro-lifers have this year been pursuing several new bills in Springfield and at least with one initiative they have won the day.

Students for Life of Illinois reports that on August 4th, Governor Quinn signed HB2093 into law to become Public Act 97-0254.

This Act extends the list of persons required to report child abuse or neglect to include any physician, physician’s assistant, registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, medical technician, certified nursing assistant, social worker, or licensed professional counselor of any office, clinic or physical location that provides abortions, abortion referrals or contraceptives. (Planned Parenthood and ACLU originally lobbied against this bill, btw)

This provides more protection to young girls who are victims of sexual abuse and whose abusers are using abortion to cover up their crime. The bill was inspired by the fact that Planned Parenthood has been shown to routinely cover-up sexual abuse of minors.

There are many more battles to fight, of course, but at least in this dismal state one bright spot has emerged. So, congrats to the supporters of the DCFS child neglect reporting changes.

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