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Finally: Gov't Official Resigns Over Obama's Arming of Mexican Narco-Terrorists

-By Warner Todd Huston There is more on the story of Obama’s woefully murderous program of selling guns to Mexican narco-terrorists, the operation called Fast and Furious (also called Gun Walker). We’ve been reporting on this widening scandal for months, now and the latest is that two officials are either removed from their high place... Read more »

Illinois Ranks Bottom of States With Worst Government Unions Accountability

-By Warner Todd Huston A new study finds that Illinois ranks at the bottom of states with the worst climate of government union accountability in the nation. The Land of Lincoln ranks 47th in the nation of out of control, unaccountable government unions says the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s new “Big Labor vs. Taxpayers Index.” The... Read more »

Hultgren, Illinois Representatives, Call On Illinois Legislature To Enact Concealed-Carry Legislation

From the office of Rep. Randy Hultgren (Ill. 14th)… Geneva, IL – U.S. Rep. Randy Hultgren (IL-14) today released the following statement regarding a letter he recently sent to Illinois leaders, including Governor Quinn, Attorney General Madigan, and legislative leaders from both parties, calling on them to join every other state in the nation and... Read more »

Colin Powell: Big Fat Liar

-By Warner Todd Huston Colin Powell’s reply to what he called a “cheap shot” in former Vice President Dick Cheney’s new book, “In My Time,” is little but an example of “dishonesty” that is “quite stunning,” as far as Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post is concerned. Powell was upset over the way Cheney described... Read more »

Illinois GOP Powerbrokers Taking Even More Power from GOP Voters

-By Warner Todd Huston Recently, an anonymous piece at was posted attacking Ill. State Treasurer Dan Rutherford for objecting to proposed changes in the state’s process of choosing delegates to the GOP nomination convention. This article is misguided and misses some important facts. Rutherford released an open letter urging the GOP State Central Committee,... Read more »

Warren Buffet Tax Shirker and Hypocrite

-By Warner Todd Huston Why is it that every time we meet yet another socialist-loving, left-winger he ends up being an utter hypocrite? This time it’s tax-whiner — and now known tax shirker — Warren Buffet, the investment giant that has been telling anyone that will listen that “the rich” don’t pay enough in taxes.... Read more »

Children Better Behaved Than Union Thugs in Wisconsin

-By Warner Todd Huston The MacIver Institute of Wisconsin has been doing stellar work on the situation between the unions and the rest of Wisconsin since Governor Scott Walker first entered the Governor’s mansion. The Institute has really shown the thuggery that is the unions again and again, revealing them for what they are. Well,... Read more »

A Way to Temporarily Stop Obama's Union-Helping Regulations

-By Warner Todd Huston The folks at have an interesting proposal on a way to stop the destructive power of Obama’s National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). This is the regulatory agency best known for attacking Boeing for trying to open a manufacturing line in North Carolina, the agency trying to stop it so that... Read more »

Obama's Illegal Alien Uncle Busted for Drunk Driving, Hits Police Car, Media Silent

-By Warner Todd Huston Kerry Picket had an interesting report in the Washington Times on the 28th. Apparently President Obama’s uncle Omar, an illegal alien living in Massachusetts, was arrested for drunk driving after smashing into a police car in Framingham. Picket also reports that the 67-year-old uncle Omar tried to, or at least wanted... Read more »

CBS' Norah O'Donnell: Dan Rather Was One of 'The Very Best Journalists in American History'

-By Warner Todd Huston The latest issue of Capitol File magazine has a glowing feature on CBS News Chief White House Correspondent Norah O’Donnell. In it she claims that past journalists that have filled the role of chief White House correspondent for a major network have been “legendary” and “the very best” in the field.... Read more »