Kinzinger Discusses Details of Debt Limit Plan on Hannity‏

From the office of Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R, Ill 11th District)…

Last night, Congressman Adam Kinzinger joined Sean Hannity on FOX to discuss the details of the debt limit plan, which cuts more than it increases, controls future spending, and does not raises taxes on American families or job creators.

“The President in January said ‘raise the debt limit and no spending cuts.’ [House Republicans] did exactly what we said we’d do – We didn’t raise taxes and we cut more than we raised the debt limit by.

“What we did yesterday actually is about reducing spending, it doesn’t address tax cuts. That’s going to be a whole separate fight that we’ll have. There’s going to to be many, many more fights coming up. I look at this as how do we advance our team to the goal and get a touchdown? It can’t be a touchdown throw every time, but we got a first down yesterday and I’m ready for the next first down.”

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