VIDEO: Roskam Discusses Debt Ceiling on Fox News

from the office of GOP Chief Deputy Whip Peter Roskam (R, Ill.)…

WASHINGTON – Rep. Peter Roskam, Chief Deputy Whip, appeared this morning on Fox News Happening Now to discuss the latest on the debt ceiling.

On the Sense of the Conference:

“I think most members now, most Republican members, are looking at this plan, and it is dawning upon them that this is the one plan that President Obama is very, very concerned about getting on his desk. Why is President Obama concerned about it getting on his desk? Because it has a restraining influence on spending for him in the future. And it denies the president the opportunity to blame Republicans in the next few years about the slow growth of this economy. So I think members, as they’re reading it, are becoming more comfortable and more confident and now articulating that they’re far more supportive than they originally thought.”

On Passage:

“…when push comes to shove, I’m confident that this bill is going to pass the House of Representatives.”

On Senator Reid:

“Well, the irony is if you talk to Speaker Boehner, he’ll tell you that leader Reid agreed to this very plan. So I think what Leader Reid did at that point was to disclose really where his members are, and is leader Reid going to not call this bill for a vote? Is he then going to be responsible for the default of U.S. obligations? I don’t think so.”

“Speaker Boehner’s plan is exactly that first step we need to move forward”:

“Look, that’s a very serious issue, and I’m not here today pumping sunshine telling you that this makes all of the fiscal problems of the United States go away. The previous congress and this administration have rung up national debt to the point where it is crippling, and these are the consequences of it. What we’ve got to do is take this on one step at a time, and I would submit that Speaker Boehner’s plan is exactly that first step we need to move forward, and I think most folks are getting clear-minded about that as well.”

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