Senate Race 36th Sist: Albracht Proposes Voter ID Reform

From Albrecht for State Senate…

“This requirement would drastically reduce voter fraud, pure and simple.”

MOLINE, IL–Today Bill Albracht, Republican candidate for Illinois Senate in the 36th District, proposed requiring voters to present a legal photo identification card when voting in the State of Illinois. This would reduce voter fraud, increase the level of transparency surrounding the election process, and ensure that election results accurately portray the will of the people.

Albracht said that Illinois has a long history of election fraud.

“The State of Illinois is viewed by many as one of the most corrupt states in the union,” Albracht said. “The now famous term, ‘vote early and vote often,’ is directly attributed to our state. How do we end decades of corruption and voter fraud? The first step is to require government issued identification when a voter shows up to vote. This is a simple step to help ensure the fairness and safeguard the integrity of our electoral process, yet it is opposed by the same individuals and groups that have benefited most from fraudulent voting practices.”

Albracht argued that a valid photo identification card is already required in many different situations, and the voting process should be no different.

“Requiring a government issued photo ID is not an inconvenience targeted at any one person or group. The reality is that it is a tacit requirement to live in our society,” Albracht said. “A valid photo ID is required to travel on an airplane, to drive a car, to apply for a checking account, and to prove yourself of legal age. Illinois only charges $20 to secure a five-year state identification card for those that do not have driver’s licenses. Instituting this requirement would drastically reduce voter fraud, pure and simple.”

Albracht said he believes Illinois should make every effort to ensure fair and accurate election results.

“More and more states are requiring voters to present photo ID,” Albracht said. “This begs the question — why does the majority party in Springfield delay, deny, and defeat any attempt to clean up our electoral process? After all… it’s just common sense.”

Albrecht has raised $10,943 for his run for the 36th District State Senate seat and recently hired Jon Schweppe to be his campaign manager.

“We’re certainly off to a good start, but it’s not about how you start — it’s about how you finish.” Albracht said. “I intend to win this race, and it’s going to take a lot of hard work. We’ve assembled an excellent team of core volunteers, and we’re committed to bringing common sense representation to Springfield.”

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