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WTH On the Kelly Truth Squad Radio Show 8PM Sunday

OK, folks, I will be on William Kelly’s Truth Squad Radio Show tonight at 8PM. This is likely to be an ongoing thing, so look for future announcements as to what is going on. I am still working on the details, though. More to come…

Sen. Marco Rubio Wonders Where Obama's Budget Plan Is?

-By Warner Todd Huston It amazes me that after all this time of the debt crisis discussion, after the media has spent hours upon hours scolding Republicans for being the “party of no,” that President Obama has remained absent from the actual discussion and has offered no plan of his own. Yet, even as Obama’s... Read more »

A Few Things Illinois Needs to know about the Debt Crisis

-By Warner Todd Huston The debt crisis is a national disaster, of course. But Illinois will likely be affected worse than many other states. For one thing, Illinois is the most broke state in the union and will be affected more immediately by the mess that is our national economy than any other state. But,... Read more »

Gays, Media, Ignore MSNBC Talker's Gay Slur

-By Warner Todd Huston We all know that the Old Media is filled with double standards where it concerns treatment of conservatives and liberals. Last week we found yet another example of the media’s penchant to hypocrisy when a talking head on MSNBC used a derogatory term associated with gays yet the entire militant gay... Read more »

Kinzinger Statement on the Budget Control Act

From the office of Rep. Adam Kinzinger (IL, 11th Dist.)… Washington, D.C. – Today Congressman Adam Kinzinger (IL-11), issued the following statement upon House passage of the Budget Control Act: “Over the course of seven months, House Republicans have changed the conversation in Washington from where to spend to where to cut and how much.... Read more »

New Health Care Law Requirements Ignore Obama’s Executive Order: Violates Conscience Rights of Millions of Americans

From Lake County Right to Life… (Grayslake, IL – July 27, 2011) By August 1 the federal government is likely to accept a medical panel’s advice that new health plans must fully cover all contraception, including sterilization and pills designed to cause abortions. Conscience protections previously promised in President Obama’s 2010 Executive Order have been... Read more »

Illinois Policy Institute: The Truth is Out

From the Illinois Policy Institute… For years, government unions have perpetuated the myth of the grossly underpaid civil servant. In our recent report, “Out of Sync,” we bust that myth wide open and got the word out to the media, the public and grassroots activists. Out of Sync outlines a fact that many in Springfield... Read more »

Obama’s Plans To Control Every Drop of Water in the USA

-By Warner Todd Huston This is the last day to voice your concern about Obama’s plan to take control of every source of water in the USA. The Democrats are pushing legislation that would take the word “navigable” out of our current Clean Water Act. If successful, the reconfigured law would give to the federal... Read more »

Obama Mentioned 'Gun Tracing' in 2009 Mexico Visit

-By Warner Todd Huston We are getting closer and closer to the truth in this gun walker/fast and furious scandal. Up to now the question had been one of what did the president know about this business? Well, it seem that back in April of 2009 Obama referred to the concepts of this very program... Read more »

Washington Could Learn a Lot from a Drug Addict

Arlington, VA – Public Notice Research & Educational Fund (PNREF), begins airing its powerful, national television ad titled “Washington Could Learn A Lot From A Drug Addict.” This ad originally aired on Fox News Channel and NBC during Sunday talk shows, and today, will show on Bravo, Comedy Central, Fox News Channel, CNN, Headline News,... Read more »