Obama Directly Connected to Murderous Gun Program

-By Warner Todd Huston

Mr. Obama and his minion Mr. Holder most certainly have blood on their hands and it is the blood of at least one of our own border agents, countless Mexican nationals, and an unknown number of American citizens caught up in the drug wars perpetrated by the Mexican narco terrorists that Obama armed through his Operation Fast and Furious program. Now we have yet more proof, this in the form of a 2009 CSPAN vide, that Obama and his administration were elbows deep in this travesty.

In December of 2009 Deputy Attorney General David Ogden resigned from the Department of Justice. It was then thought he had not made much of a mark on the DOJ. But a March 24, 2009 video of Ogden telling the press about some of the efforts then underway by the DOJ might change the perception that Ogden never said anything of note…

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