Despite Obama Team Claims, Jobs Numbers Critical to Americans

From the office of Adam Kinzinger (R, IL)…

Top Obama Adviser says voters do not judge economy based on unemployment rates

New Lenox, Ill. – Today the Department of Labor released the unemployment report for the month of June, citing that joblessness rose to 9.2 percent, creating just 18,000 new jobs. U.S. Representative Adam Kinzinger expressed disappointment on these findings, which can only be viewed as more bad news for middle class families and small businesses and emphasized that the monthly jobs report reminds Americans of the work to be done in Washington.

“These numbers reflect the Obama Administration’s lack of focus to address the concerns of Americans and their and failure to heed the warnings of businesses and economists to stop out-of-control spending, simplify the tax code and eliminate burdensome regulations, without which, we are threatening the long-term economic health of our country,” said Kinzinger. “What President Obama once promised the nation would be his ‘central focus to stimulate economic recovery,’ has faded almost as quickly as our unemployment rate has risen by 1.6 percent since he first took office nearly 30 months ago.”

Unfortunately, President Obama’s own staff does not understand the urgency to get folks back to work or the importance of keeping a pledge to produce “shovel-ready jobs.” The President’s top adviser, David Plouffe this week claimed “The average American does not view the economy through…unemployment rates or even monthly jobs numbers.”

Yet, according to a recent CBS News/New York Times poll, “Americans overwhelmingly cite the economy and jobs as their top concern, with 53 percent identifying it as the most important issue facing the economy.”

Plouffe went on to say that rather than making their decision based on the joblessness numbers, Americans will vote based on how they “feel about things right now” and who has “the best vision for where to take the country.”

Recent Gallup polls cite the economy as “the most important problem facing the country in Americans’ eyes.” President Obama’s disapproval rating on handling the economy is at 60 percent. The poll shows that voters are much more likely to say the economy will be extremely or very important (71 percent) factor as to whether President Obama deserves re-election in 2012.

“The President and his staff have clearly chosen to ignore the most critical issue on the minds of the voters, at a time when unemployment has exceeded 8.5 percent for 28 consecutive months and the average unemployed worker has been jobless for 40 weeks – all during one of the slowest economic recoveries in modern times,” continued Kinzinger. “However, here in the President’s home state and all across the Eleventh District, I hear the same thing from neighbors, parents, educators, construction workers and business owners – Where are the jobs? What happened to President Obama’s pledge that, upon implementation of the ‘stimulus,’ unemployment would not exceed eight percent?

“Our economic successes are determined by the number of Americans that can find a good job that will put food on the dinner table, pay the mortgage on your home, and save money for your children’s future; Something that then-candidate Obama once understood when he spoke at the Democratic National Convention in 2008, but 30 months later, he and his team has since lost sight of.

“While Republicans only control one half of one-third of the federal government, my colleagues and I are offering economic policies that spur growth and encourage employers to invest in operations and create jobs. We must keep the federal government out of the way of private sector growth, and oppose the over-tax, over-regulate and over-spend mentality that creates business uncertainty and freezes investment. The so-called federal “stimulus” failed to create jobs and contributed to our record budget deficits – We cannot afford to make that same mistake twice.”

Note: The White House’s Council of Economic Advisers released a

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