Conservatives, Tea Partiers Still Not Warming to Mitt Romney

-By Warner Todd Huston

CNN is reporting that the “Christian right” and the Tea Partiers are still nowhere near supporting Mitt Romney’s bid for the GOP nomination for president. Romney’s flip flopping on abortion, his full-on and continued support for his disastrous Romneycare health plan in Massachusetts prompting fear that he will end up supporting Obamacare if he wins, and other flip flops in his record have kept conservatives of many stripes away from supporting him.

Rightfully so, I should hasten to add.

Of course, Romney is leading far and away in most of the polls with Michele Bachmann currently coming in a distant second, so it is interesting to see the base still leery of a Romney candidacy. One has to wonder how the polls can show Romney so far ahead if CNNs report is correct on the base and it’s feelings against Romney. Perhaps these polls are really only based on name recognition even still and the real race has yet to begin…

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