Urge Congress to Vote 'NO' On Striking $$ Saving Section From Federal Construction Projects Bill (Illinois Especially)

-By Warner Todd Huston

Today there may be a vote on striking a section of H.R. 2055 that will insure that federal construction projects for the military are fairly priced and will save money for the taxpayers. Some representatives want this advantageous section struck out and replaced with a union-favoring provision that will cost the tax payers millions and will cause even more job loss in an already failing economy.

The bill is the Military Construction (MilCon) and Veterans Affairs (VA) and Related Agencies Appropriations Act of 2012 (H.R. 2055). The section the Democrats want to eliminate is section 415.

Section 415 removes the requirement for companies bidding for federal construction projects for the military to sign anti-competitive project labor agreements (PLAs) that will force these companies to pay union dues, union benefits and adhere to union rules regardless if the companies themselves are staffed by union members of not. Striking the section would force all military construction projects to soar in costs. It will automatically raise the cost of construction projects to the federal government and will cost us all millions more into the future.

Sadly, it is a fool of a Republican that is offering this expensive, jobs-killing amendment. Ohio Rep. Steve LaTourette has offered to have the money-saving section 415 struck.

Contact your Congressman and tell him to vote “NO” on striking this money-saving section of the construction projects bill.

Illinois may be especially troublesome as several other bills striking down destructive and costly PLAs have found little support by Illinois House Members.

The following Illinois congressmen have been woefully supportive of destructive union PLAs in the recent past:

Please, Illinois, contact your congressman and ask them why they voted in favor of Big Labor destructive practices?

For more detailed information, check out The Truth About PLAS.


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  • Hey, y'know, if you're looking to screw the workers in favor of the people holding the pursestrings all the time, why not just write an article that favors abolishing the minimum wage? Because all of the unskilled workers in the country (*cough* bloggers *cough*) could then make ten cents an hour, and that would just further solidify the consolidation of wealth on the high end.

    After all, if the soon-to-be-poor people can't afford to buy food, surely they wouldn't be able to contribute money to those horrible socialist Democrats, and then the rich would run everything... even more than they do already.

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