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VIDEO: Who Da Flake? Obama Da Flake...

For a nice, large list of Obama gaffes and goofs, see Blonde’s great compilation at the Newsbusters Forums pages.

Leftist Judge Leaked Anti-Posser Story Because Her Claim Is Garbage

-By Warner Todd Huston A few days ago I posted a story about a leftist judge accusing Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser of physically attacker her in a closed-doors meeting of the justices. The lefty sites went mad for this story, but as the days wore on the lefty judge’s claims started to seem... Read more »

Senator Coburn's Ahistorical, Unworkable Tax Hike Plans

-By Warner Todd Huston Senator Tom Coburn (R, OK) is trying to break heavy with the Tea Partiers — and for that matter his own party — by encouraging Republicans to include massive tax hikes in the on going budget discussions in congress this year. Coburn appears to feel that a tax hike simply must... Read more »

Vote Fraud Paradise in Maryland

-By Warner Todd Huston Thanks to SB167/HB470, Maryland is yet another U.S. State attempting to reward illegal immigrants with free or cut rate in-state university educations all at the detriment to the real citizens of the state — and all without the direct vote of the people. But this state version of the DREAM Act... Read more »

Kinzinger Statement on Blagojevich Verdict

From the office of Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R, IL)… WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) today issued the following statement in response to the partial verdict in the retrial of Rod Blagojevich, former governor of Illinois: “Rod Blagojevich never seemed to understand the difference between serving the public and serving his personal self... Read more »

Michele Bachmann Is In!

-By Warner Todd Huston Michele Bachmann, a representative from Minnesota, has finally thrown her hat in the ring. As of Monday, June 27, Bachmann made it official in front of a crowd in Waterloo, Iowa. It is no mistake that she did so in Iowa, either, Bachmann has been polling quite well in Iowa coming... Read more »

Lefties Try to Smear Wisconsin's Judge Prosser... Again

-By Warner Todd Huston Oh, the leftists thought they had him this time (again). So, they began a campaign to smear him (again). Turns out they were wrong (again). And their allegations mysteriously disappeared from the Internet after they found out they were wrong (again). The left tried once again to smear Wisconsin Supreme Court... Read more »

For Every Awful Gov't Action There is An Equally Awful Reaction, Horses Worst Hit!

-By Warner Todd Huston There is a jester of a Chicago Alderman named Ed Burke who back in the early 1990s made local radio audiences laugh by his plaintive plea of “what about the horses” on the floor of Chicago’s City Hall. He was worried that horses in downtown Chicago’s carriage trade were somehow being... Read more »

Teamster Bosses Having Big Night Out in Las Vegas

-By Warner Todd Huston Hey, Teamsters members… how pleased are you that your union bosses are spending thousands of you dues money for a Las Vegas vacation? Courtesy of… I wonder, brothers, are your union bigwigs sending YOU to beautiful, exciting Las Vegas for fun in the sun? … or are you working your... Read more »

More Obama Ignorance on Jobs, Economy: One Week Automation is Bad, the Next its Good

-By Warner Todd Huston Remember last week how President Obama was railing about how evil ATMs were because they somehow took away people’s jobs. This evil, evil automation was bad on June 14, right? Well today, only eleven days later, suddenly Barack Obama is all about automation and how wonderful it is… Read the rest... Read more »