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Reagan's Best Joke About Democrats Evah!

VIDEO: Herman Cain, Obama's Failure to Lead

Herman Cain takes it to Obama… Meanwhile, even the lefty Washington Post says that Obama’s latest press conference had numerous “missing facts.”

Unions Display Hatred in Union Derangement Syndrome

-By Warner Todd Huston My Friend Maggie Thurber has a great piece chronicling the hate that unions in Ohio display for those voters that stand against the absurd riches that government employees have wrung out of the taxpayers in the Buckeye State. Pointing out that union supporters are “dripping with ‘hate’ and derision toward people... Read more »

Congress: When Will These People Retire?

-By Warner Todd Huston My friend Iowahawk recently Tweeted (@iowahawkblog) an interesting fact: “91 of 435 US representatives and 40 of 100 US senators are over the SS retirement age. 15 members of Congress are over 80.” So, why are these people telling all of us that we need to retire at 65 while they... Read more »

MSNBC's Mark Halperin Calls Obama 'A Dick,' Gets Dumped For It

-By Warner Todd Huston Long-time media talking head Mark Halperin has just found out that the left-wing news cabler MSNBC will brook no criticism of their Obammessiah. On the June 30 episode of Morning Joe Halperin gave a rather frank assessment of how President Barack Obama was acting. As a result of his poke, Halperin... Read more »

Demagogue In Chief Slams Corp. Jets After Spending Stimulus Money on Them?

-By Warner Todd Huston In his Wednesday presser on the state of the economy President Obama several times attacked those evil rich folks flying about in corporate jets saying that the filthy rich could “afford” higher taxes. But while he spent so much time slamming corporate jets today, back in 2009 the president was pushing... Read more »

Tea Party Poll: Rick Perry On Top

-By Warner Todd Huston According to a McClatchy-Marist poll from Wednesday, Texas Governor Rick Perry is the Tea Party favorite to be president of the Untied States in 2012. Perry has not made any announcement of running as of yet, but he comes in above Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann and the others either announced or... Read more »

Vide Interview With Director of New Sarah Palin Movie, The Undefeated

-By Warner Todd Huston I attended the great RightOnLine 2011 event this year and had a chance to have a sit down with Stephen Bannon, the director and mastermind behind the new Sarah Palin biopic The Undefeated. And for those of you in Chicago, Anne Leary over at Backyard Conservative has a great idea. Let’s... Read more »

Economic Freedom Assures High Quality of Life

This short video helps us discover the importance of economic freedom and how it relates to a nation’s quality of life. There is also a Facebook page and Twitter account set up to provide discussion and more information about why economic freedom is vital to a nation’s success.

Truth in Accounting's Fifty State Study Uncovers the True Financial Condition of the States

From the Institute for Truth in Accounting… Only four U.S. states have sufficient assets to pay their debt and obligations related to pension and retirees’ healthcare Today, the Institute for Truth in Accounting (IFTA) announces completion of a significant, comprehensive study of all 50 states’ assets and liabilities, including pension and retirement healthcare obligations. The... Read more »