Now Media Trying to Turn Weiner Tweeter Into a Republican?

-By Warner Todd Huston

This story about Democrat New York Congressman Anthony Weiner sending a photo of his… uh… weiner… to some barely-out-of-her-teens student in Washington State is as ridiculous as it can get. But the leave it to the Old Media to make it more ridiculous yet. Leave it to the venerable newswire service Reuters to turn a Democrat Weiner into a Republican weiner. Because a sex scandal couldn’t possibly be a Democrat’s, right?

In a hot story posted this afternoon, Reuters screams out a headline that says: “Republican Weiner Uncertain Whether Lewd Photo Was of Him,” ‘cuz, you know, them there lewd Republicans see so many lewd photos that they can’t recognize their own package when they see it… right? I mean, this sex scandal is a Republican type of story, right? Reuters must not be able to conceive of the possibility that a Democrat could be involved. After all, we have a congressman that won’t answer questions about a sex scandal, a guy that’s rude to the media, and a guy that seems to be wholly ignorant of Internet applications. MUST be a Republican Reuters must imagine!

The 160-year-old news agency sonorously informs us that everything they do, “has to be independent, free from bias and executed with the utmost integrity.” I guess “facts” aren’t required to shore up that “integrity.”

Good job, Reuters. No wonder you’ve been a trusted name in smears for 160 years.

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  • Reuters must have hired someone who used to work for Fox "News".

    And you're also not being accurate when you suggest that Weiner hasn't answered questions about this faux scandal.

    The way this story is developing, it appears that the real scandal may turn out to be an attempt by Weiner's opponents to slander him.

  • In reply to CrazyLiberal:

    "The way this story is developing, it appears that the real scandal may turn out to be an attempt by Weiner's opponents to slander him."

    Your amusing and desperate spin is duly noted.

  • In reply to CrazyLiberal:

    Today's interesting development ... the person who alleged "leaked" the Weiner picture seems to be getting nervous ...

    My prediction about the end game wasn't that hard to make - and shouldn't be surprising - given that the well known liar Andrew Breitbart is involved. Based on the Salon story, it looks like Breitbart, once again, is trying to slither away and blame someone else after managing to inflict the damage he desired.

  • In reply to CrazyLiberal:

    I doubt you are correct on this in any way whatever. But, once proven wrong, it is doubtful you'll ever admit it.

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    Apparently, I was wrong.

    I still think Breitbart is essentially a dishonest partisan hack - after all, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

    But my disappointment with Weiner is quickly approaching my disgust with Breitbart, his tactics and his arrogance.

  • In reply to CrazyLiberal:

    Thanks for admitting it. I am shocked. Usually leftists don't have as much integrity as you just displayed here.

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