No Respect: Unionistas Protest Gov. Walker at a Special Olympics Event

-By Warner Todd Huston

No respect. No respect at all. That used to be a funny line of a comedian. Now it just brings to mind the ignorance and outrageous behavior of union thugs in Wisconsin. This week these creeps had the audacity to disrupt a kid’s event to protest Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s budget plan.

It isn’t just any kid’s event, either. It is a Special Olympics event! That’s right, these union thugs can’t even let a Special Olympics event pass without trying to use these special needs kids as political tools for their left-wing political purpose.

That takes some serious self-absorption, doesn’t it?

Union members should be ashamed of themselves in general, of course, but these thugs in Wisconsin deserve special recognition for their hateful behavior. After all, they are protesting in order to be able to steal more money from the people at a time when government is already over spent and in the red. Notice that just about every slogan they utter in Wisconsin is a repetition of communist ideology. “Tax the rich” class warfare, “destroy corporations” rhetoric, all this garbage is inspired by anti-American ideology. And, most infuriating of all, these so-called teachers have been ripping kids out of their classrooms, taking them to these protest sites, and indoctrinating them with this bilge.

But, heck, they are fightin’ fer their rights, aren’t they? Yep, these unionistas NEED that Viagra benefit, man! It’s IMPERATIVE! They couldn’t teach the kids right without a good stiffy, ya know? It’s FOR THE KIDS, MAN!

Or how about that benefit that gives some union teachers a year’s worth of pay for only 30 day’s work? Yeah. Without that one, why the kids would suffer, right?

Yeah. These teachers are soooo oppressed.


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  • I was a law enforcement officer for over 30 years and made a practice of only buying American made products (cars etc) to support workers in the USA. In the last two years my position has changed 180 degrees to buy non American products if the American product involves Unions. Will not buy another American car to support these thugs.

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