New 'Reality' TV Show To Focus On Race for 2012 Election

-By Warner Todd Huston

An interesting ad has recently appeared at the New York Craig’s List website which shows exactly how the left will be framing the upcoming 2012 presidential election. The ad asks for a family that represents “racial minorities” to be pitted against a family of “white conservatives.” It’s pretty clear they intend to make this whole election about race.

A new “reality” TV show is being planned as a “television documentary” centered around the 2012 elections. The company that put up the ad proves that race is their central theme. These would-be filmmakers are looking for “families that have profiles similar to the potential 2012 candidates.”

A television documentary is looking for participants in a future project concerning the 2012 Presidential elections.

That is to say one family that loosely resembles the Obama family (racial minority [can be any non-white racial or ethnic group], recent immigrant [1 or 2 generations], liberal, etc.) and one family that loosely resembles a potential Republican contender (white, conservative).

So, it is apparent that this “television documentary” project is going to focus on race with this. They want America to see this presidential campaign as a contest between white and black America. They don’t want this to be about issues at all.

This project foreshadows how the left intends to sell this election. It won’t be about the economy, or healthcare, or foreign policy. It won’t be about jobs or the state of the union. It will be an us vs them meme. It will be a story of downtrodden minorities against rich, white conservatives.

Get ready, America. Get ready for the most vicious campaign ever.

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