Leftist Judge Leaked Anti-Posser Story Because Her Claim Is Garbage

-By Warner Todd Huston

A few days ago I posted a story about a leftist judge accusing Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser of physically attacker her in a closed-doors meeting of the justices. The lefty sites went mad for this story, but as the days wore on the lefty judge’s claims started to seem less and less credible. Now we are finding out that the lefty judge herself leaked the story in order to hurt Judge Prosser in the court of public opinion because she knew she had no real legal case against him. In other words, she was lying, she knew it, and she launched a program of character assassination because she had no real legitimate case to press in the courts.

Christian Schneider of The National Review’s The Corner blog reports some more of the sad details about this left-wing attack and gives us even more reason to suspect that lefty Justice Ann Walsh Bradley is simply a liar…

Read the rest at RightPundits.com.

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