Nevada Teachers Cast Out An Eeeevil Conservative Blogger

-By Warner Todd Huston

My friend Mike Chamberlain was a baaad boy last week at the Nevada State Education Association’s annual convention. It seems he was tossed out of the convention on his ear for his blasphemies. It’s no wonder they tossed out this ne’er-do-well, too. He had the temerity to… sit quietly in a corner and take notes on his laptop. How disruptive, eh?

Saturday I was kicked out of the Nevada State Education Association, the state teachers union, convention for, well, for being a conservative at the NSEA convention. Not only did they kick me out of their meeting but, later, one of the directors called me and the others who attended as guests of one of the delegates “enemies” of the organization.

Heck, Mike didn’t even crash the joint. He was properly invited and allowed int the place by a NSEA member, too. I’d say he has a lot to learn about being an obstreperous, party crasher! Being all peaceful and unassuming. The NERVE of him!

I was particularly amused by who it was that escorted him out of the place.

One of the people who escorted me out of the meeting is a former Executive Director of the ACLU of Nevada, to boot! How’s that First Amendment working for you?

Yeah, we wouldn’t expect anyone from the ACLU to be much interested in freedom and transparency, eh?

Check out Mike’s post out for all the nitty gritty details.

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