Liberals Are Haters, They Prove it Again at Chicago Rally

Rebel Pundit of Chicago has once again confronted the hatemongers of the left at one of their so-called protest rallies in downtown Chicago to prove that liberalism is a mental disorder.

Before you click on this video, I have to warn you that these leftists are nothing if not foul mouthed, distempered, and wholly uniformed, not to mention hypocritical.

This one may not be safe for work if foul language is a no no…


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  • And conservatives are curmudgeonly old farts who complain constantly about liberals. Seriously, is this the best you can come up with about politics?

  • In reply to MySportsComplex:

    There's a nice and childish response. "Mom, they are mean so we can be mean, too." Nice justification, there.

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