Is Obama Planning to Impose DISCLOSE Despite the FEC, Congress AND The Supreme Court?

-By Warner Todd Huston

You may remember last year, when union-backed Democrats nearly passed the so-called DISCLOSE Act, imposing financial disclosure for companies, while excluding unions.

Well, the DISCLOSE Act is back…Sort of.

Based on pretty solid reporting by Pajamas Media and confirmed by Huffington Post, it appears that the Obama Administration is preparing an Executive Order to force portions of the DISCLOSE Act on all federal contractors.

As drafted, the Executive Order would only affect government contractors not unions-and would require the contractor, as well as its directors or officers, to disclose any contribution or expenditures.

(a) All contributions or expenditures to or on behalf of federal candidates, parties or party committees made by the bidding entity, its directors or officers, or any affiliates or subsidiaries within its control.

(b) Any contributions made to third party entities with the intention or reasonable expectation that parties would use those contributions to make independent expenditures or electioneering communications.

You can view the entire draft Executive Order here.

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