Illinois Legislature Passes DREAM Act Giving Illegals Free College Education

-By Warner Todd Huston

In a 61-53 vote in the Illinois House, an Illinois version of the DREAM Act (SB2185) has been passed and will be signed into law by accidental Governor Pat Quinn.

The Illinois DREAM Act will provide free money for the children of illegal immigrants to go to state colleges and universities.

Supporters say that this bill does not use state money, but this is obviously hogwash. While much of the money that will go to illegals for free schooling will come from private sources, the panel that will do this duty is obviously going to be funded by the state.

Once again, the State of Illinois — drowning in debt and losing businesses hand over fist — is creating yet another expensive program to aid people breaking our immigration laws. Unfortunately, 11 house Republicans voted for this bill to reward illegal aliens in our midst while legal citizens in Illinois struggle just to pay the rent much less find the tens of thousands of dollars to send their children to college.

The following 11 Republicans have to answer for their vote:

Tom Cross, Minority Leader
Mark Beaubien
Rich Brauer
David Leitch
Sid Mathias
Mike McAuliffe
Rosemary Mulligan
Raymond Poe
Skip Saviano
Darlene Senger
Dave Winters

For contact information for our Illinois Republican representatives click here.

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