Fleebagging TV: Democrat Walks Off TV Show

Here we have a whiner Democrat that can’t take the heat of a TV cable show… and hasn’t two neurons to rub together. You know… a typical Democrat.

I love how Ed Morrissey explained how Democrats like this twerp work…

Step 1: Declare that the Republican plan will kill people
Step 2: Denounce demagoguery
Step 3: Offer no plans of your own
Step 4: Feign offense when challenged on strategy
And finally…
Step 5: Walk off in a huff without doing anything, Fleebagger Style

Liberalism really is a mental disease.


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  • I'm going to replace you with Dick Durbin, and start calling you the useful idiot. You just laid out the Republican stance on anything they don't introduce. The Republicans proudly announced that they are the party of "No." So basically, instead of thinking up their own plans, they're just going to vote no on everything introduced by the Democratic Party. At least I can see that both parties exercise the same tactics. You're just an idiot who listens to Fox and hates Democrats because they tell you too. Get a clue man, both parties do no good for this country. Telling yourself any different is delusional.

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