Dems Deny Vote on Fair Map Proposal; Shun Public Input in Favor of Partisan Map

From the office of Ill. GOP Minority House Leader Tom Cross…

In a stunning reversal of their oft-repeated pledge to lead an open and transparent redistricting process, House and Senate Democrats introduced a brand new partisan legislative map late yesterday which was different from the one publicly released last week. This bait-and-switch follows weeks of public hearings held throughout the state to obtain local citizen input on how Illinois’ new map should be drawn; a mere days after three public forums held within the past week on the original publicly-released map.

So much for transparency.

Meanwhile, House Republicans kept our pledge to introduce a Fair Map to produce new districts equal in population, in compliance with both the state and federal Voting Rights Acts to create compact and contiguous districts that maintain county and municipal boundaries without regard to incumbent legislators’ residency or partisan election?data. In fact, the Fair Map proposal would pair an equal number of 17 incumbent Republicans and 17 incumbent Democrats into the same district – a far cry from the Democrats’ remap plan drawn largely to ensure themselves of an undisputed majority for another 10 years.

Click HERE to watch House GOP Redistricting Spokesman Rep. Mike Fortner (R-West Chicago) describe how the Fair Map proposal would lead to truly equal representation and greater accountability to the people of Illinois.

House Republicans stand united against the Democrats’ politically-driven legislative remap. We remain committed to the principles contained in the Fair Map proposal we introduced this week; respect for minority voting rights, respect for county and municipal boundaries, and respect for the rights of all Illinois citizens to have their voice heard in our redistricting process.

The Fair Map is available for public viewing by clicking HERE. Check it out and see for yourself why the Fair Map is the best alternative to the Democrats’ bait-and-switch partisan remap plan designed only to keep power in their hands, not yours.

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