Defunding of Planned Parenthood Upended With Secret Amendment in Tennessee Budget Work

-By Warner Todd Huston

One of the Things Wrong With Our Legislative System Appears in Tennessee

One of the things wrong with our system of creating legislation and passing it into law in America today has appeared in Tennessee. The Volunteer State is not the only place things like this happen, either.

Recently the Tennessee legislature passed a bill to remove state funding from the abortion mill operator Planned Parenthood. The bill was a hard fought victory for the Tennessee GOP and finds favor with the voters as well. As it happens, while the budget was winding its way through the Tennessee legislature a thus far unnamed state senator slipped in an amendment that no one saw, no one voted on, and no one knew anything about. This surreptitious amendment completely upends the defunding of Planned Parenthood quite despite the open legislative process that eliminated the funding in the first place. In other words, despite the political wrangling, the public debate, and the will of the voters having been heard, some abortion-loving pol took it upon himself to throw out all that democracy business and put his own will right into the budget.

This isn’t the only instance of an anti-democratic abuse of the legislative process. It happens all the time in nearly every state as well as Washington D.C. After weeks, months, even years of debate and crafting legislation we see these sort of things sipped into bills all the time, things that materially alter the original intent of the law.

What’s the point of having transformative elections, publicly debating proposed legislation, and passing same if it can all be undermined by secretive amendments that no one has a chance to even discuss before the voters?

As to this particular incident, some Tennessee legislators, advocate, and analysts are claiming that this last second budget amendment was added to keep PP from suing the state. One can only ask why anyone should care if PP tries to sue? These nuisance lawsuits are, any more, the result of nearly every bit of legislation passed these days.

Worse, the amendment in question was put in the budget one other time, too. It was removed that time, but was slipped in yet again this time in the state senate.

It is a corruption of the system, an abuse that reveals the arrogance of our elected officials. They don’t have any regard for either the public debate or the will of the voter.


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  • From your post:
    "These nuisance lawsuits are, any more, the result of nearly every bit of legislation passed these days."

    One has to wonder whether you find the lawsuits against the "Obamacare" to be a nuisance? Or the "birther" lawsuits? I'm inclined to believe that you see these lawsuits as a good thing, or even a necessary thing. Please correct me if I'm wrong. If (as I suspect) I'm not wrong, you're nothing but a hypocrite with an above average IQ who managed to get his own blog. I love that you have zero comments on your last few posts, save for this one. Pointing out what a hypocrite and waste of life you are.

  • I like how you deleted my post, instead of responding. So again, from your post: "These nuisance lawsuits are, any more, the result of nearly every bit of legislation passed these days."

    So, Mr. Hypocrite, do you find the "birther" lawsuits a nuisance? Or the "Obamacare" lawsuit? I hope you know that I'm going to repost this every time you delete it. Under different names and IP addresses if I have to. So don't be a coward this time, and answer the question. Lest you fall victim to a troll infestation.

  • I deleted your earlier asinine comment on this thread because it was filled with name calling and little else (but not on others because they weren't). It's MY page and I can do what I want with it. You can either like it or lump it.

    As to your childish and uninformed stupidity, when you can link for us all those "birther" posts of mine we might have something to talk about. Otherwise, you are just an uniformed, lefty troll (as you admit here, so thanks for that).

  • So, you actually admit that the birther lawsuits are a nuisance? I never said you supported them, just that you're a hypocrite for denouncing a baseless PP lawsuit, but not a baseless "birther" lawsuit or "Obamacare" lawsuit. You still didn't answer the question as to whether you support the baseless "Obamacare" lawsuits, and I eagerly await your political dodging. Actually I don't, because as I said before, you're a waste of life, time, and space. I hope your blog continues to get flooded with comments. I can see how well it does. (That was sarcasm by the way, in case your pea brain couldn't understand that. Shave your moustache too, you're not fit to wear it.)

  • You're an idiot. I bet five people read your blog, and you're related to four of them.

  • Lol, the truth hurts so you must delete it!

  • Yes! I am un-American! Because I spell it moustache, I hate America. Sorry that I understand that there is a world past the east and west coast. I like how you implied I'm stupid by saying I don't know how to spell moustache. And then when I show you it's a perfectly acceptable way to spell it, you insult me. Yet I'm the one who needs to act like an adult? My first three posts contained no insults such as you claim (other than calling you a hypocrite, which clearly you are). I didn't troll you're blog until you deleted a post and insulted me when I asked why. Maybe the old man needs to grow up and stop arguing with a teenager. At least I can claim immaturity, what's your excuse, oh great sage? You'll probably delete this again, but that's okay. Know that I took the time to type it out twice, and then post it on half your posts simultaneously.

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