11 Illinois Republicans That Support Illegal Immigrant DREAM Act

-By Warner Todd Huston

When a communist newspaper celebrates the actions of Republicans, well, what more do you need to know how far off base a vote is? The People’s World is all excited about the fact that 11 Illinois State Senators voted to give freebie “scholarships” to illegal aliens to attend Illinois universities and schools.

Last week State Senate President John Cullerton’s Illinois state DREAM Act (SB 2185) passed with a 45 to 11 vote. This program sets up privately funded scholarships to upwards to 95,000 children of illegal immigrants so that they can attend schools in the Land of Lincoln. Supporters claim that this was a no-brainer vote because no state money is used for this program. This, however, seems to be a falsehood. For one thing SB 2185 sets up a state commission which surely will cost the state to administer. Not only that but the law forces High School counselors to get special sensitivity training on the needs of illegal immigrants. Who the heck is going to pay for all that nonsense if not the local schools that will have to hire consultants to come in for these time wasting training sessions?

So, while the state is drowning in debt, while its pension obligations grow by the second and are now well past the point where they can ever be met, our wonderful politicians are wasting time setting up freebies for law breakers and forcing even more costs onto our already overburdened school budgets.

If you would like to thank the 11 Republicans for their idiotic vote, give ’em a call.

Pamela Althoff (217-782-8000)
Larry Bomke (217-782-0228)
Bill Brady (217-782-6216)
Kirk Dillard (217-782-8148)
Dan Duffy (217-782-8010)
Tom Johnson (217-782-8022)
Matt Murphy (217-782-4471)
Christine Radogno (217-782-9407)
Ron Sandack (217-782-8107)
Suzi Schmidt (217-782-7353)
Dave Syverson (217-782-5413)


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  • On March 17, 2011, Democrat Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada speculated for reasons known to himself, that the TEA PARTY would be short lived and disappear? Where he came up with this hypothesis makes the Tea Party branch members laugh, as the Tea Party is continually growing and now in the tens of millions. As of today there are thousands of these cells, as the spirited Founder and chair Rev. William Temple of Freedom Jamboree and the Tea Party National Straw Poll Convention explained at the news conference. Temple reprimanded the majority Speaker of the House Republicans, John Boehner. He had not sufficiently pushed for a cut in the massive federal deficit of 14.5 Trillion dollars and climbing each day. One of the main issues that must be exposed is the distraction of the illegal immigration invasion. This is currently associated with jobs, the economy, gasoline prices and banks that not lending to home buyers.

    In El Paso, Texas, yesterday president Obama made a speech relating border security and the need to allow more immigrants into America? My assumption we should ask the 22 million Americans who are unable to find a full time jobs, specifically the poorer workers who don

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