Vote Fraud in Wisconsin Supreme Court Race

-By Warner Todd Huston

The leftists are at it again trying to steal the election to make sure that Judge Prosser firmly loses any recount possibility.

It appears that ballots are being illegally destroyed before they can be put into a recount in at least one county and in another the vote totals are not making much sense.

According to the initial counts, Judge Prosser lost reelection by only 204 votes to left-wing legal activist JoAnne Kloppenburg. There will naturally be a recount with a vote total this close. The votes in Dane County are particularly worrisome. It seems that some 10,000 ballots cast in that county had no other vote on them except for the vote for the Supreme Court race. This screams vote fraud. This screams that some leftist stuffed the ballot box with thousands of votes for Kloppenburg.

The AP total board shows that Kloppenburg got 133,513 to Prosser’s 48,627 votes.

Dane County is the county where the State Capitol, Madison, is located and is notoriously for left-wing activism.

The other problem is Mequon County where officials are trying to destroy ballots before the recount is held. If this is really happening this would be extremely illegal.

The left is doing its level best to make sure this election is stolen well. For some history on the vote fraud by the left in Wisconsin, check out a piece in The Daily Caller.


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  • Might want to read the news a bit more before you post, Warner. Prosser's been in the lead since yesterday, by about 7500 votes. The Repblican city clerk for Waukesha County just suddenly "discovered" about 14,000 votes that she forgot to save. Congratulations.

  • In reply to Wigdaddy:

    You might want to read the blog a bit more, Ben. I mentioned Prosser's new lead last night.

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    Okay, well you just posted this half an hour ago according to the dateline, and you're still referring to the 204-point lead as if it were current, with no mention of the new events.

    I never heard of your blog before it turned up in a Google search a little while ago, so all I had to go on was the content of this post, and that's what I commented upon.

  • In reply to Wigdaddy:

    I thought you were lying at first. But you are correct. My posting timer scheduling was goofed up. I THOUGHT I posted it last night, but it never went up. My apologies.

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    It would be pretty stupid of me to lie about something that can be verified simply by glancing at the top of the screen. That being said, accidents happen, as the incident under discussion so aptly illustrates. Apology accepted.

    The title of your blog strikes me as quite clever. Publius was a common first name in Rome, and you seem to use it as a name on your post, but it meant "Public," making an interesting double entendre. It also brings to mind the motto "E pluribus unum," which lamentably no longer seems to apply in our bitterly divided nation.

  • In reply to Wigdaddy:

    ... it was also the name that James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay used as a pseudonym to write the Federalist Papers, the book that expounds on the efficacy of ratifying the U.S. Constitution. Thanks for visiting.

  • In reply to Wigdaddy:

    You people absolutely make me sick. The "Leftists" as you call them do not need to steal elections. We are actually educated and know how to organize without the Koch Brothers doing it for us via astroturf organizations. Let me ask you, now that this bimbo in Waukesha miraculously FOUND 15,000 votes to put your d-bag judge back on the bench, do you still think there was fraud? No? Even though any moron with a laptop could have easily hacked into any one of the DIEBOLD VOTING MACHINES to have chnaged the outcome without any paper trail whatsoever. There is no justice in American elections not because poor minorities aren't required to carry ideas, which is a straw man if I ever saw one. IT's because billionaire fascist Republicans are able to pay money to have electronic voting machines put in, that America is simply suppose to trust. This election was stolen alright. It was stolen by YOU. I hate you people so god damn much. You are murderous, racist, war-mongering, hilbbilly idiots and I'm so, so tired of you.
    Please tell me what evidence YOU have that the left has stolen an election, any election. I'd like to let you know that I have dozens of Gigs worth of documentation backing up my claim, and the claim of about 57million other Americans that every single election "won" by Republicans from the year 2000 and beyond have been STOLEN USING DIEBOLD VOTING MACHINES.
    When America finds out what you and your moron Sarah-Palin-wet-dream Fox and Friends-friends they will RIOT. It won't be as friendly as we were in Madison. Nope. It'll be real satisfying, and people like you and any other theiving murderous Republican will be brought to justice and I"ll never have to think about you scumbags again.
    This is not over. Can't wait for the Wisconsin Sate's official investigation outcome!
    You do realize that this idiot who lost the votes was under investigation in 02 for the same shit, right?
    You do realize that five Republicans had to take plea deals for voter fraud, in the same district, basically with the same people, right?
    When the results come in that this election was stolen, it is going to open up every single other election where voting machines were used, which is bad, bad news for Republicans. Especially Ohio, 04, where King Moron stole his second term in office using voting machines rigged by Ken Blckwel, Ohio's Secretary of State at the time.
    You'll see. You're on the wrong side of history buddy boy, and you make me ashamed to be Chicagoan.

  • In reply to sleeveen78:

    ... when scum like you get all mad at me, I KNOW I am on the right track. Thanks for stopping by "comrade."

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    Awwww, look at you retorting like an angry little child. That's about right for you.

  • In reply to sleeveen78:

    You let Sleeveen insult you at length but delete my brief comment that you're both doing harm by behaving so spitefully? Why? Are you really that opposed to finding common ground with your opponents?

  • In reply to Wigdaddy:

    I have to apologize for that. I didn't mean to delete it. I was messing around with the dang settings and gone it went and once its gone I can't fix it.

    As to "common ground," no I don't want common ground with my opponents. I see no reason to try. I am not a politician and don't have to throw away my principles just for hollow consensus.

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    How about because we all have to live together you intolerant retard.

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    Who gave you a job publishing words where people could read them?

  • In reply to jscro:

    I see your nurse let you near a computer again. You should really stay on your medication.

  • "Repblican." Nice. :)

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