Union Plan: 'Forget About the Law, Brand Businesses as Human Right Violators'

-By Warner Todd Huston

Once again we see how lawless the Obama administration and its allies in unions are. By their own admission they don’t care about the law.

In the following video we see Obama’s appointee to his Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations and United Auto Workers President, Bob King, telling attendees at a recent union roundtable discussion that the unions intend to “forget about the law.”

We also see violence prone AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, a close Obama confidante, saying the same thing.

So, their plan is to ignore any actual law and then further to “brand” businesses as “human rights violators” so that they can destroy them. Unions are entirely un-American. At their core they are socialist, anti-capitalist, destroyers of jobs and success. And remember, folks. THESE are Obama’s people.


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  • Trumka says "Forget about the Law"? The only thing bigger than Trumka's Ego is his waistline.

    Richard Trumka and 8 other United Mine Workers were found guilty of killing Eddie York in 1993 during a 17,000 Union Member Multi-state Strike against Peabody Coal. The murder left Eddies Wife and 3 children without a father after Eddie crossed a Union Strike to feed his family. Eddie was shot in the Back of his Head, killing him instantly.

    This is a close friend and advisor of Obama who is at the White House every week.

    Learn more about the Eddie York Murder & Richard Trumka President of the AFLCIO.


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