Twittering Obama's Budget Speech

-By Warner Todd Huston

Today I sat gritting my teeth listening to Obama’s volumes of lies today as he delivered his newest campaign spee… uh, I mean his latest budget speech. And I have to say, I haven’t heard so many lies in one speech since Bill Clinton wagged his finger at us and told us he didn’t have sex what that woman, Monica.

… instead of a traditional piece here, I thought I’d give you all the Tweets that I doled out as the Liar in chief was blathering on…

  • Obama” “tax cuts make us borrow”??? Liar. SPENDING CUTS will STOP that.
  • No Mr. Prez. we got here because of YOUR PARTY and its spending. NOT by tax cuts.
  • Another lie from Obama: “Education is a national” issue. NO. It is a state issue. The Feds should be paying NOTHING to education.
  • Obama: Dear America give us more money. We’ll spend it better this time. No really. I SWEAR it. A little more? Come on, YOU don’t need it!
  • Obama now making fun of eliminating waste and abuse. In other words he does NOT want to eliminate waste and abuse….

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