SB35 (SB600), Republican Vote Reform Unanimously Passes Ill. Senate

-By Warner Todd Huston

Well, we’ve been talking about this bill for years here on the blog, but SB35 has unanimously passed the Illinois Senate.

SB35 was formerly SB600 and this bill provides for Republicans in Illinois to at last be allowed to vote for the members of their own State central Committee, the body that plans policy and runs the state Republican Party. Currently the Republicans that run the party are not voted onto the state central committee by the state’s Republican voters (though Democrats do vote their committee members onto their own state central committee). The folks that are so instrumental in setting the agenda of the Illinois GOP are appointed by their fellows, not voted onto the committee by the voters.

SB35 will return the responsibility of filling the committee to the voters like it once was.

This bill now goes to the State House (where it has passed before) and thence to the Governor’s desk.

Thus is a victory for accountability and may give voters the chance to make some changes in the moribund Illinois Republican Party.

For more info on the bill check out the helpful page at Republican News Watch.

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