Roskam and Kinzinger Applaud House Passage of Energy Tax Prevention Act

Bill prevents EPA from instituting job-crushing energy taxes

Congressman Peter Roskam, Chief Deputy Whip, and Congressman Adam Kinzinger have issued statements after the House passed the Energy Tax Prevention Act, 255 – 172, to block the EPA from imposing cap-and-trade by regulation:

Congressman Peter Roskam

“I applaud the House for blocking new job-crushing energy taxes on families and employers. Americans have already overwhelmingly rejected a national energy tax by cap and trade, and the EPA’s proposal is just a back-door effort to accomplish exactly that by regulation. Unilaterally regulating greenhouse gases would increase energy costs in every home and every business, meaning higher bills and less jobs. It would cripple manufacturers – job creators – who use roughly one-third of our nation’s energy. For my manufacturers in the western and northwestern suburbs of Chicago, I’m glad the House acted to stop this job-crushing regulation.”

Congressman Adam Kinzinger

“Twenty-one months ago, Washington Democrats forced passage of the controversial cap and trade legislation through the House of Representatives. While cap and trade failed in the Senate, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is still attempting to enforce a backdoor cap and trade system on the American people.

“Today, the House approved the Energy Tax Prevention Act of 2011. Without this legislation, we are simply stepping to the side while the EPA imposes a cap-and-trade agenda which could mean even higher gas prices, increased utility rates, manufacturing jobs being sent overseas, and hampering our overall economic recovery.

“The Energy Tax Prevention Act is an effective, bipartisan approach to stop the EPA’s cap and tax agenda. It takes necessary steps to protect jobs and restores the Clean Air Act to its original purpose by repealing action already taken by the EPA to impose a bureaucratic climate change agenda.

“Manufacturers and energy producers at the local and national level, such as Edison Power in the Eleventh Congressional District and the National Association of Manufacturers, have made it clear that the Energy Tax Prevention Act is necessary in order to curtail the EPA’s overreaching regulations and create the certainty job creators need to grow their businesses and get more folks back to work here at home.

“Congress must focus on removing these regulatory obstacles in order to create long-term economic growth.”

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