Illinois Teachers Pay Nothing or Little into Their Pensions

-By Larry Snow

Illinois teachers qualify for a full 75 percent pension after working only 27 years. Most adults work for 27 years before they turn age 50.

Democrats want retail and construction workers to think that the majority of Illinois teachers are seriously paying into their pensions. The truth is, ordinary workers are made to do this for them, big time.

First, teachers have no Social Security taken out of their paychecks. Ordinary workers get hit with a 6.2 percent deduction for Social Security. It’s a deduction they have to pay federal and state income taxes on. Democrats gave teachers a huge loophole of not paying income taxes on any of their pension deductions. This enormous no-tax handout to teachers amounts to billions of dollars each year.

Over 51,000 of the total 132,502 teachers in Illinois contribute nothing from their K-12 paychecks into their pensions. Illinois law says it is to be 9.4 percent.

About an additional 32,000 teachers pay little into their pensions. It is 1.81 percent to be precise for these 31,956 teachers. Paying less than 2 percent is little unless you want to bamboozle ordinary working people into thinking the opposite…

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  • This is all misleading. The salary scales you are looking at are salary schedules with the 9.4% contribution to TRS already removed. This occurred in our district when salary schedules with and without the TRS contribution were printed and caused a great deal of confusion. Later contracts only published the salary schedules with the 9.4% already removed and called a "Board Contribution". The salaries were NOT changed, let alone raised by that amount.

  • In reply to icechura:

    Misleading? That is being kind. I didn't see my district on the list. The board paying the 9.4% is negotiated, and is done in place of raises. Instead of that money being taken out of our checks, we had the board pay that amount. Our base salary didn't go up.
    We don't pay social security because we don't get to collect that money, including the money we have paid into for other jobs.

  • In reply to icechura:

    Not true for me. Pay 9.4% out of every check into the retirement system. Have paid into it my whole career (31+ years). Misinformation like this is inflamatory and does not help.

  • In reply to icechura:


    Illinois teachers qualify for a full 75 percent pension after working only 27 years - FALSE. THE NUMBER OF YEARS A TEACHER IN ILLINOIS MUST PUT IN TO REACH THAT 75% IS 35 not the 27 you report.

    Want some real facts, not propaganda. Ok, here you go:

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