Ill. Policy Institute: Tax Day Rallies

From the Illinois Policy Institute…

The Illinois Policy Institute will participate in Tax Day rallies next week in Springfield, Peoria, Geneva and Chicago.

Since 2009, Tax Day rallies have been held across Illinois to raise awareness about out-of-control government spending, high taxes and unbalanced budgets. Now, more than ever, Illinoisans are feeling the pain from bad public policies that have emerged from Springfield. With the 2012 election on the horizon, participating in a Tax Day rally is one way you can send a message to elected officials that you didn’t – and won’t – forget about the 67 percent tax hike passed this year.

The Institute will have representatives speaking at rallies on April 15 and April 18 in Springfield, Peoria, Geneva and Chicago. For details and a complete list of rallies across the state, click here. Come join us to support the campaign, as we make the call to REPEAL the recent income tax hike and restore fiscal sanity to Illinois.

Thank you,

Brian Costin,
Director of Outreach
Illinois Policy Institute

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