Another Democrat That Hates the US Constitution

-By Warner Todd Huston

Making it easier every day to assert that Democrats hate the U.S. Constitution, once again we find a Democrat in Congress expressing disgust with the law of the land. This time extremist, left-wing Democrat Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D, CA) was heard complaining to a lefty radio host that many of her new colleagues are just too darned concerned with whether or not the actions of Congress are Constitutional.

Last week Sanchez was on the low-rated Stephanie Miller radio show complaining that many of the 87 new freshman congressmen were too worried if what they were voting on passed muster with the supreme law of the land.

“Everything to them is unconstitutional,” she whined. “It’s unconstitutional, it’s unconstitutional, it’s unconstitutional.” Revealing her contempt for her fellow congressmen, Sanchez then went on to affect a slow-witted, dumb-as-a-rock-style southern accent to emulate how her new colleagues sound like in her conversations with them.

This is the most perfect example of how Democrats view the Constitution of the United States of America. It isn’t something to revere. It is something to ignore, even to hate, or at the very least dismiss. Sanchez displayed utter contempt for both the document and anyone that wants to abide by it.

Sanchez is also emblematic of why the U.S. has gotten so far off track. You see, as far as too many congressmen are concerned — and, yes, this goes for too many Republicans, too — the Constitution is a not part of their thinking when they go about crafting new legislation.

This dismissive attitude toward the Constitution is a far cry from our founding. Where once the father of our country, George Washington, said, “the constitution, which at any time exists till changed by an explicitly and authentic act of the whole people is sacredly obligatory upon all,” we now have Democrats saying they don’t care about the Constitution, or that they think the Constitution can’t prevent them form doing anything they want in congress.

There was once a time when our representatives would first ask themselves if the law they wanted to enact was Constitutional and this before they wrote the first word of any new legislation. Now they don’t consider that question at all. In fact, Congress has abdicated its responsibility to make sure its actions are at all legal. Instead of considering the question of constitutionality before they even begin writing legislation, now congress simply barrels ahead regardless expecting the courts to make the ultimate determination.

This failure to consider constitutionality has two results. First and foremost it makes a mockery of our system by making congress an essentially lawless body. Secondly it gives the courts far, far more power than they deserve. The courts should only step in when all else has failed to satisfy the Constitution. The courts should not be an automatic or routine part of the legislative process. Unfortunately, that is what they’ve become: the final stop for all laws written by congress.

Instead of ridiculing her colleagues, Rep. Sanchez should be endeavoring to emulate their concern for the supreme law of the land.


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  • So do Republicans who voted to have a bill they passed become law if the Senate didn't pass it also hate the Constitution?

  • In reply to JimmyGreenfield:

    Were you all exercised like this when the Democrats were "deeming" things to be law over the last few years? Bet not, huh?

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    Well, I would hardly say I'm "exercised". I'd actually make a point that neither side "hates" the Constitution no matter what they do.

    I'd also point out that you didn't respond to my question. And also I'd point out that "Deem and Pass" has been used by whichever side is in power, it's neither a Democrat or Republican tool.

  • In reply to JimmyGreenfield:

    Well, then if you aren't all upset over deeming, then why bring it up?

    Of course I certainly don't think that all Democrat hate the Constitution (it should go without saying that there is never an "all" about anything). However, there are many that do not feel that it is a meaningful document as the few I noted obviously do not.

    On the other hand, I can't find any Republicans that have come anywhere near acting or saying anything like what many, many Democrats have said about how they hate having to abide by the Constitution.

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    From what I understand, the "deem" scenario last year with the Health bill was after the Senate had already approved a version of the bill. I don't think the Senate approved a version of the House's budget bill this year. Could be wrong but I don't think this was apples to apples. The Republicans didn't exactly push back when they were ridiculed over this.

    Also, this Congresswoman didn't come anywhere near saying she hates having to abide by the Constitution. My interpretation was she disagreed over what was Constitutional, which reasonable people can and do disagree on.

  • In reply to JimmyGreenfield:

    Of course, the "deeming" didn't happen this time or the last time (if I remember right).

    As to your interpretation of Sanchez, I definitely disagree. She shows a marked disrespect for the Constitution and those that revere it.

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